#Q5 TDI quattro 2017- +
Size comparison Maximum output comparison (inch) ... mm inch
name length width height
Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 184.3inch 74.8inch 65.6inch
0inch 0inch 0inch
difference -184.3inch -74.8inch -65.6inch

name weight wheelbase Minimum turning radius
Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 1900kg 111.2inch 216.5inch
kg 0inch 0inch
difference -1900kg -111.2inch -216.5inch

name Cargo Volume seats minimum ride height
Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 550L 5 7.3inch
L 0inch
difference -550L -5 -7.3inch

Audi Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 8539
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It's a slightly bigger SUV, but the acceleration at AT is light and pleasant. The beauty of the fearless appearance is exceptional.

Car manufacturer website

Audi Q5 TDI quattro 2017-

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(inch) ... mm inch

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