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How different is the size of the car you are riding from that car? At that time, it would be nice if you could select the car you want to compare and overlap the photos to compare.

Choose two cars and compare them. Since the size of the photo is also adjusted, you can compare the approximate size.

First car selection


Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 19829

Second car selection


Honda e Advance 2020- 573
#Q5 TDI quattro 2017- + Honda e Advance 2020-
SIZE POWER EV (mm) ... mm inch
name length width height
Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 4680mm 1900mm 1665mm
Honda e Advance 2020- 3894mm 1752mm 1512mm
difference -786mm -148mm -153mm

name weight wheelbase Minimum turning radius
Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 1900kg 2825mm 5.5mm
Honda e Advance 2020- 1537kg 2530mm mm
difference -363kg -295mm -5.5mm

name Cargo Volume seats minimum ride height
Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 550L 5 185mm
Honda e Advance 2020- 171L 4 mm
difference -379L -1 -185mm

Audi Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 19829
Car manufacturer website
It's a slightly bigger SUV, but the acceleration at AT is light and pleasant. The beauty of the fearless appearance is exceptional.

HONDA Honda e Advance 2020- 573
Car manufacturer website
High output model of Honda e. Only the output of the motor is raised without changing the capacity of the battery. It is interesting that there is no difference in cruising range, probably because the vehicle weight does not change much.

Audi Q5 TDI quattro 2017-

>>Compare photos by overlapping


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