#Q5 TDI quattro 2017- + Polestar 2 2019-

Size comparison
name length width height
Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 4680mm 1900mm 1665mm
Polestar 2 2019- 4607mm 1800mm 1478mm
difference +73mm +100mm +187mm

name weight wheelbase Minimum turning radius
Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 1900kg 2825mm 5.5mm
Polestar 2 2019- 2198kg 2735mm mm
difference -298kg +90mm +5.5mm

name Cargo Volume seats minimum ride height
Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 550L 5 185mm
Polestar 2 2019- 440L 5 mm
difference +110L +0 +185mm

Max output comparison
name Gasoline engine power Gasoline engine torque Displacement
Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 140kW(190PS)400Nm1968cc
Polestar 2 2019- ---
difference ---

EV performance comparison
name Electric motor power Electric motor torque
Q5 TDI quattro 2017- kW Nm
Polestar 2 2019- 300kW 660Nm
difference -300kW -660Nm

name Drive battery capacity cruising range Acceleration 0-100km/h
Q5 TDI quattro 2017- kWh km sec
Polestar 2 2019- 78kWh 470km 4.7sec
difference -78kWh -470km -4.7sec

Audi Q5 TDI quattro 2017- 44310
Car manufacturer website
It's a slightly bigger SUV, but the acceleration at AT is light and pleasant. The beauty of the fearless appearance is exceptional.

Polestar Polestar 2 2019- 14146
Car manufacturer website
The first EV from Volvo's premium EV brand. The infotainment system, which has a larger screen than the XC40, makes us feel the future ahead.

Audi Q5 TDI quattro 2017-

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