#500 2007- + MAZDA2 15MB 2019-

Size comparison
name length width height
500 2007- 3570mm 1625mm 1515mm
MAZDA2 15MB 2019- 4065mm 1695mm 1500mm
difference -495mm -70mm +15mm

name weight wheelbase Minimum turning radius
500 2007- 990kg mm 4.7mm
MAZDA2 15MB 2019- 1030kg 2570mm 4.7mm
difference -40kg -2570mm +0mm

name Cargo Volume seats minimum ride height
500 2007- L mm
MAZDA2 15MB 2019- 280L 5 145mm
difference -280L -5 -145mm

Max output comparison
name Gasoline engine power Gasoline engine torque Displacement
500 2007- ---
MAZDA2 15MB 2019- ---
difference ---

EV performance comparison
name Electric motor power Electric motor torque
500 2007- kW Nm
MAZDA2 15MB 2019- kW Nm
difference +0kW +0Nm

name Drive battery capacity cruising range Acceleration 0-100km/h
500 2007- kWh km sec
MAZDA2 15MB 2019- kWh km sec
difference +0kWh +0km +0sec

Fiat 500 2007- 12125
Car manufacturer website
Fiat's compact hatchback. The lovely appearance and the mysterious inside of the car, where the old and the new coexist, attracts people.

MAZDA MAZDA2 15MB 2019- 4046
Car manufacturer website
The name changed in Japan from DEMIO, and became MAZDA2. It has a well-established reputation for its compact body and high texture.

Fiat 500 2007-

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