#MU-X 2013- + EQA 250 2021-

Size comparison
name length width height
MU-X 2013- 4825mm 1860mm 1825mm
EQA 250 2021- 4463mm 1834mm 1620mm
difference +362mm +26mm +205mm

name weight wheelbase Minimum turning radius
MU-X 2013- 0kg mm mm
EQA 250 2021- 2040kg 2729mm mm
difference -2040kg -2729mm +0mm

name Cargo Volume seats minimum ride height
MU-X 2013- L mm
EQA 250 2021- 340L 5 mm
difference -340L -5 +0mm

Max output comparison
name Gasoline engine power Gasoline engine torque Displacement
MU-X 2013- ---
EQA 250 2021- ---
difference ---

EV performance comparison
name Electric motor power Electric motor torque
MU-X 2013- kW Nm
EQA 250 2021- 140kW 375Nm
difference -140kW -375Nm

name Drive battery capacity cruising range Acceleration 0-100km/h
MU-X 2013- kWh km sec
EQA 250 2021- 79.8kWh 426km 8.9sec
difference -79.8kWh -426km -8.9sec

ISUZU MU-X 2013- 14925
Car manufacturer website
Although designed in 2013, its powerful driving and appearance make you feel like you can go anywhere. Only the makers who mainly make trucks can't help but tough.

Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 2021- 2083
Car manufacturer website
Mercedes-Benz compact SUV EV. The EVs already on the market have EQC, but they are quite large SUVs. On the other hand, EQA is an EV that is a little more affordable and a little more affordable. Although the exterior and interior are similar to GLA, I like the fact that it has an advanced feel as an EV.

ISUZU MU-X 2013-

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